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Dayman has set out the principles to be an institution that produces solution-oriented products in Turkey without compromising on quality based on R & D and P & D. Our company produces all technical products which are essential needs of the sector by following the high technology closely and accepting high quality standards as nominal. DAYMAN provides added value to the sector with its professional staff and the principle of continuous technical support operation in the field.
Our company was established by three young entrepreneurs to manufacture and sell jamb and exterior decorative products the construction industry needs in 2010. The company was able to manufacture Polystyrene Exterior Products, Thermal Insulation Systems, EPS Products and Decorative Injection products at its facility on 2000m2 closed area with its experienced project and expert team. Accelerating its institutionalization efforts in 2014 in BURCAK Group moved to its new factory with 6000 m² closed and 6000 m² open area in Iskenderun. In addition, it opened a new factory with a total area of ​​12000 m² to manufacture Block EPS.Due to the changing market conditions and the developments in the rapidly developing construction sector since 2017 our company has also included paint, Injection EPS and Construction Chemicals in its investments and it has been moving rapidly to the point of being a solution partner where construction companies can obtain all their products from a single supplier. BURCAK Group with its hundreds of product types and 5 different brands that can be used for interior and exterior facade offers a wide area for the sector and contractor companies to make innovative designs.
Established in Kayseri in 1975, POSLUOGLU YAPI MALZEMELERI served all provinces of the country and helped the growing business world to grow in the sector as a result of the internet usage. Today, we are proud to be a company that produces solutions to serve in Turkey's imports and exports of high value company brand.
Founded in 1988, in its early years in the sector Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. developed the high-quality concrete admixtures, ready-mixed mortars, and waterproofing materials that were in high demand within the construction market. The company gained great momentum with the high amount of orders and well accepted effective sales and marketing systems. With the strength Betek gained from its experience in construction materials, it began to seek new markets and added construction paints to its product range. It was in 1993 when Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. first stepped into decorative coatings business as a result of its technological collaboration with DAW, the largest decorative coatings manufacturer in Europe. . This collaboration served as a milestone for both Betek and the Turkish paint industry as it paved the way for the company’s brand Filli Boya to bring the technological richness of Europe’s paint products to Turkish consumers. Being the first Turkish paint company to engage in manufacturing with a European partner, Betek also opened the door for the first foreign capital flow into the Turkish paint industry. Using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Betek gained a reputation as a “leading and innovative brand known for top quality manufacturing” with its products appealing to consumers and changing the game in the paint industry. This helped it to quickly become the most powerful and an exemplary company in the industry, and to strengthen its place as market leader in 2001. Betek has always believed in the importance of brand investment and made sustainable investments in this regard while it was climbing to its leading position. And these efforts resulted in the creation of Filli Boya – a brand which won the hearts of consumers. With almost 1,300 employees and over 5,000 sales points, Betek has made its mark in the sector and secured an important position not only in the paint sector but also among Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises. 2003 was an important cornerstone in the development of Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. This was the year of the beginning of its heat insulation activities and in which it took over the role as leader in this sector resulting from its operations, considered also as part of its social responsibility to the future development of its native country Turkey. Operating in accordance with international environmental protection and environmental health standards, Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. actually took the first step towards its environmental work in 1993 by adhering to EU paint standards, and has been managing its manufacturing and R&D processes accordingly ever since. Betek owns following management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 50001, IATF 16949.” In line with its mission to extend its domestic success beyond Turkey’s borders, Betek has a 11,000m2 production facility for paints in Egypt with a capacity of 26,000 metric tons. Betek has also opened manufacturing facilities in Kayseri and Balikesir where it manufactures all major heat insulation system products using the latest technologies and to the highest standards in order to meet Turkey’s insulation demands as awareness gradually increases.
In 1984, founded by Arif ZALOGLU, Nur Kirec San.Tic. ve Paz.Ltd.Sti. has been serving to their customers by the brand names of “NUR KIREC” and “NUR AGREGA” for more than 30 years with the facilities of aggregate plant, lime pits, lime kilns, lime slaking facility in Adana. It is aiming for increasing the daily capacity of 3,000 tons of aggregates (CaCO3), 1,000 tons of quicklime (CaO) and 250 tons of slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) to 4,500 tons/day with the new investments it will make in 2015. Nur Kirec is launching, the products of aggregates (CaCO3), quicklime (CaO) and slaked lime powder (Ca(OH)2) they supply to the plaster factories, construction chemicals factories, ready-mix concrete factories, industrial facilities, road and construction sector and especially iron and steel industry and aerated concrete-ytong factories, to the wide markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Israel, Cyprus, Greece and African Countries in the world and to the areas of Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia and East Anatolia in Turkey. At the “NUR YAPI KIMYASALLARI” facility which is activated as of 2015 , production of cement based ready mix plaster, adhesive, grouting , ground levelling and repairing mortars, with a capacity of 1200 tons per day has been started. Nur Yapi Kimyasallari is living the excitement and pride of serving to its customers with its durable, high quality products that provides innovative solutions in the construction sector in Turkey and in the world as a result of the hard work executed with the experienced technical team at the modern R&D laboratory established in its structure. Nur Kirec San.Tic. ve Paz.Ltd.Sti. has set itself the goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction with the environment friendly products it offers in the industrial and retail sector by constantly keeping up with the technology.
Yon Yapi Muhendislik Corporation was found in Gaziosmanpasa on March 17, 2005 . From this date on, company’s main field of activity has been natural gas, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning construction and engineering services for housing, factories and businesses. The company added sales and contracting services “insulation and facade coatings” among its fields of activity as of 2007, in a short period, the company carried out successful applications in this respect. Since 2009, our company began wholesale of all thermal insulation products. As of 2011, our company began production of EPS insulation products under the ISOLION brand in our facility located in Arnavutkoy, and at the beginning of 2012, began production of construction chemicals also in Arnavutkoy; moving to facility located in Silivri at the beginning of 2016, our company began to conduct production and sales of all its products from one point. Increasing product variety in the year 2018, the company expanded its production field especially in fields of water insulation chemicals, concrete additives and repair mortars. Thanks to effective franchise system we have established, our company proved its place in the sector. Our company protects its dealers under harsh market conditions and attaches great importance in dealers’ profits and success in the market. Manufacturing with the latest technologies, our company attaches great importance to R&D studies with the aim of manufacturing the best with our trained and experienced staff.As ISOLION insulation systems, our goal is to contribute to elimination of energy waste in our country, which is dependent on foreign energy, to transform structures into more contemporary, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing places, and to serve for people to live a happy and peaceful life.
Starting our commercial journey as Umit Ticaret in 1988 by selling cement and plaster with great enthusiasm and we continue with the same excitement and discipline by taking the power of the leading companies of the sector behind us as Umit Construction Investment Industry Trade Limited Company for 25 years. With our 30 years of experience in the sector and our Barkim Yapi Kimyasallari mark brand that we have been producing for more than 20 years, we have not changed our idea of ​​supplying the right products from the honest, reliable, right address to our customers, we will not change ... We continue to walk with solid steps as a preferred and trusted company that responds to customer demands by keeping up with the requirements of technology with our expert staff in the growing business day by day in the construction sector which we believe with our existing strength.
STROTON, founded in 2000; In addition to products providing high quality thermal insulation, it is the first and only modern facility of our country producing ICF housing system. STROTON, which is produced with high technology injection machines and molds and has many quality certificates and awards with its European standards products that meet different needs; It is the first company to obtain the CE certificate in the EPS thermal insulation industry by fulfilling all the conditions related to safety, health, environment and consumer protection.